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A Tribute To PA - Trafford My Roots

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

With Starting this venture off I felt I should honor my roots. Growing up and exploring the woods is really how my passion for the outdoors started. This first picture was actually taken in my hometown (off the newly open trail) where people often overlook the hidden beauty of the area. When we were younger this was not a well-known and open area to the public. The rails-to-trails program is great, it is really helping transform the area. I hope they can get approval for the final leg of the trail in Trafford, PA. It was a perfect day for riding and reminiscing!

To be continued...

Soundtrack of my Short Journey on The trail: Back in the day - Ahmad Forever Young - Jay Z In This Diary - The Ataris Night Moves - Bob Seger

Although my focus will be in the upstate of SC, the surrounding area and showcasing my content from my various travels domestically and internationally, the initial series of following post/pictures will be a tribute to my origins where my love for the outdoors first came about.

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