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A Tribute To PA - Tubing the Yough

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Totally tuuubbbuuulllaaarrr Tuesday! If you haven’t seen this view or spent a day floating your life away, you are missing out. People who truly know me will tell you this is one of my favorite past times. A float day is truly a gift from the heavens especially when the water and weather is perfect. This can be unfortunately rare in the burgh, but I will float in any weather above 70 degrees, unless there is severe dangerous flooding! I just need a raft, waterproof bag, towel, music and a cooler full of beverages! There isn’t many better ways to spend your day in my mind. For those who have taken the the time to join me, I know you get it! I am slowly floating in my mind right now, wishing it would never come to an end, just as I do when I am on the wonderful Yough!

To be continued...

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