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Swamp Rabbit Trail Adventure 2: Cruising Downtown Greenville!

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Swamp Rabbit Trail

Continuing to the next part of our adventure, the splendid downtown portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail gives you an amazing impression of Greenville. The opportunities for exploring the inner city along the trail are endless. There is a wide variety of things to discover plus it is very clean and family friendly. We are not afraid to say this is the best city in the South! I mean come on… not many cities are lucky enough to have wondrous waterfalls in the middle of them! Please join me as I take you on a 12 mile ride along the central part of the trail through the heart of Greenville. Don’t forget your helmet, water and to start off with some grub!

Swamp Rabbit Trail Cafe and Grocery

Of course I like starting you at a place that is good for parking (SRT Green Lot) but more importantly somewhere that gives you a great selection of food to fill your palate! The Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery has an array of freshly cooked and baked goods for your eating pleasure. Their location is a little over 2 miles north of Reedy Falls, which is the center of downtown. They have inside and outside seating along the trail, it doesn’t get more perfect than that!

Within the journey heading south to the upper falls you will seamlessly wind your way along the Reedy River passing through some of the final fields of foliage before you hit the big buildings and bustle of downtown. Take the scenery in but have no fear you have a fantastic combination of nature mixed with a modern city of awesomeness awaiting you ahead!

Before you get to the main falls there is a busy short stretch of the trail that can make your neck hurt from looking at everything going on. In every direction there is something cool to see! I am personally drawn to the water so even among the buzz of the city, I am still at peace and hear the water flowing over everything else. Get ready, one the best parts of the trail is coming up!

Okay! So now you made it about another mile to the incredibly scenic main falls, you have to go on the Liberty Bridge and check it out! Tourists from all over and locals alike come here to get the best views of Reedy Falls. Everyone wants to come enjoy the park and capture the best picture of the falls, can you blame them!! It is spectacular and right in the middle of the city that we call home!

Of Course the main falls are amazing but people often overlook the tranquility of the lower falls tucked away from the large crowds. It is less than a mile away and very relaxing, especially when you have it all to yourself, lucky me! I will take advantage of this opportunity to chill here for a bit before hitting the next stretch of the ride.

The freshly completed Cancer Survivors Park is not only a terrific part of the trail but a great tribute to those who have won and continue to fight the battle against cancer. They did an excellent job with the brand new Center as well as the landscaping around the outside. What a great addition to the city and community of Greenville! Across from the park and just up the hill is one of my favorite little areas of the trail that I call the “Swamp Rabbit Roller Coaster”. Be careful and make sure no one else is in your track!

Major Rudolf Anderson Jr. Memorial

As you slither your way through the forestry entering Cleveland Park you can pay your respects to the men and women who have served our country at the Major Rudolf Anderson Jr. Memorial Airplane. It is important to honor these individuals who protect our country, without them we would not get enjoy all the wonderful things this land offers.

Swamp Rabbit Trail

The Cleveland Park portion of the trail leaves you with two options, you can continue on south past the Greenville Technical College or complete a 3 mile loop back towards the Cancer Survivors Park. There are many amenities and things to do within Cleveland Park, one of them being the Greenville Zoo! With that in mind, one my favorite things about the Swamp Rabbit Trail is that it makes you feel like you are in a forest when you're right in the middle of the city!

Swamp Rabbit Trail

Picking up on all the smells of people cooking out and the restaurants downtown is making my belly grumble. I am only going to do the 3 mile loop today, then it’s time to head back the 2 miles towards Reedy Falls for some food and libations!

To close off the day and reward myself for all my exercise, I decided to explore something different than a brewery. If you enjoy wine and/or good whiskey, there is no better place for this type of combination than SIP. It is very close to the trail as you comeback the 2 miles from Cleveland Park. Also this gives you a great opportunity to take the time to appreciate the beauty of Main Street, it is only a mile up and back to the trail. In the afternoon SIP has a very laid back atmosphere where you can enjoy some great views from their rooftop. Plus they have JENGA and a nice little selection of food to go along with your drink of choice!

Now that you have a full stomach and are feeling good, it’s time to give the downtown falls area one last glance and wave goodbye to the city! The 2 mile trip back to the parking area is in no way a melancholy ride but a great positive reminiscence reflecting on the wonderful journey of the day!

Please take a look at the Swamp Rabbit Trail’s interactive map. This link will guide you to multiple public places to park along the trail as well as showcase various amenities and points of interest along the way! Get out, enjoy and be safe! Please continue to check me out, the Upstate Outdoor Adventurer provides fulfilling experiences related to the outdoors in the Greenville and Upstate surrounding area. It’s all about the good vibes!

Check out a few the tunes from my journey on the trail!

Walking On A Dream - Empire Of The Sun

Electric Feel - MGMT

The Reeling - Passion Pit

If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix

Out Of My League - Fitz and the Tantrums

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